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Anaesthesia at Springfield Hospital

Adults who are expecting to have an anaesthetic can access  information about anaesthesia from the following link.


The information featured has been written by patients, patient representatives and anaesthetists, working in partnership together to formulate a readable and useful document.


Springfield Hospital offers hard copy leaflets from our bookings department on - 'You and your anaesthetic' and 'Epidural anaesthetic'.


The series of information on offer includes the following:


  • You and your anaesthetic (a summary of this leaflet)
  • Your child’s general anaesthetic
  • Your spinal anaesthetic
  • Epidurals for pain relief after surgery
  • Headache after an epidural or spinal anaesthetic
  • Your child's general anaesthetic for dental treatment
  • Local anaesthesia for your eye operation
  • Your tonsillectomy as day surgery
  • Your anaesthetic for aortic surgery
  • Anaesthetic choices for hip and knee replacement

If you have any further questions you should ask your consultant surgeon or anaesthetist or the Pre-admission nurse.

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