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How to refer patients to Springfield Hospital

There are several routes by which patients can be referred to us. On a private or insured basis and through the NHS. Choose & Book scheme. A GP may refer patients for an outpatient consultation: diagnostic tests or treatment by writing to the appropriate consultant as detailed in this directory. Alternatively, appointments may be made by contacting:

01245 234 040


Referral letters may be faxed via our dedicated GP fax line on:

01245 234 008

Direct Access Services

You can refer a patient directly to the following services:

  • Open access endoscopies (Gastroscopy and flexible Sigmoidoscopy)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports injury service
  • Radiology inc. X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT
  • Fluoroscopy, contrast studies, bone densitometry and dental X-rays
  • Pathology services Inc, haematology, histology, cytology, microbiology
  • Rapid breast diagnostic clinic

Please contact: 01245-234 110

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