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CT scanning at Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford

Springfield Hospital is was delighted to be the first private hospital in Essex to install a 64-slice Siemens CT Scanner as part of its commitment to improving diagnostic imaging services for its patients.


CT scanning (Computed Tomography) builds up a picture of the body using x-rays to slice through the area under investigation. A high powered computer is then used to reconstruct a series of cross-sectional images which can be manipulated to show several kinds of body tissue; including soft tissue blood vessels lung and bone in 3-D with a very high degree of clarity. All this information can be gathered from a single scan. A 64 slice scanner reduces the scan time and increases the data collected with each slice.


The Consultant Radiologist interpreting these CT images of the body will have more information available, aiding them to reach a medical diagnosis on such diseases as cancer, heart disease and muscular-skeletal disorders.


Phil Thompson - Radiology Manager at Springfield Hospital:

“This scanner is the latest in CT technology and will enhance both our diagnostic imaging and interventional services; it can provide a faster and more efficient service for our patients. For most investigation we can now offer a scan within two days of receiving a request”.


We also have a mobile MRI scanning service three days per week. An MRI provides images of the body without the use of x-rays and provides highly detailed images of the body; such as the brain and spinal cord.

Digital mammography

Springfield Hospitals Breast Care department has recently installed a brand new, state of the art Digital mammography unit and is one of the first units locally to do so. Digital mammography produces excellent quality images, especially in the younger, denser breast that has previously been more difficult to image. The system allows the acquired images to be stored on a computer and to be manipulated to demonstrate subtle abnormalities that may previously have been more difficult to define.

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