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Hip Replacement – A Guide to Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is now a fairly common procedure and it provides relief to thousand of people suffering with walking difficulties and joint pain. A hip replacement operation can give people a new lease of life free from pain.


Having a hip replacement operation isn’t something that is right for all people with pain in their hips but consultations with specialists and experts in the field helps to establish in which circumstances hip replacement surgery is the best way to proceed. Looking at what a hip replacement entails and what the operation achieves is a good way of deciding whether hip replacement surgery could be the right solution for you.

Hip Replacement – An Introduction

The hip joint is one of the most pivotal when it comes to our range of movement. It is, unfortunately, also one of the most susceptible to wear and tear, which is why hip replacement operations are increasingly being performed in the UK. There are a number of factors that can lead to a hip replacement being required such as the following:


- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Fracturing of the Femur

- Loss of Blood Supply to Femur

- Osteoarthritis

Hip Replacement – New Lease of Life

Having a hip replacement operation can give patients a new lease of life as it frees them from the pain that had led to their need for the procedure. Medical experts agree that hip replacement operations are beneficial to those with problem hips as they can improve mobility, reduce joint pain and improve standard of life. Hip replacement procedures are being improved upon all the time and new prosthetics are being developed continually with increased levels of durability and mobility. For those whose lives are a constant battle due to the pain emanating from their hip complaint, a hip replacement operation may just be the answer to their problem.


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