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Physiotherapy team


Hannah Dunlop




Hannah Dunlop



Special Interest : Acupuncture, Sports Injuries & Post Operative Breast Reconstruction






Angela Stanton


Special Interest : Acute Post-Operative Shoulder Surgery





Teresa Visser


Special Interest :

In-Patient Orthopaedics & Chronic Pain



Sandra Turner


Special interest : Respiratory PhysiotherapyIn-Patient Orthopaedics


Hannah Perry Photo


Hannah Perry


Special Interest -

Hand Therapy



Claire Irons


Special Interest : General Physiotherapy & Ergonomic Assessment


Simon Pearce


Special Interest : Acupuncture & Sports Injuries



Beth Pickering


Special Interest : Acupuncture & Sports Injuries


Louise Hustwayte


Special Interest : Acupuncture, Low Back & Pelvis Pain



Rentia Viljoen

Rentia Viljoen


Special Interest: Post Operative Breast Reconstruction, Sports Injuries & Shoulders


Ruth Jolley

Ruth Jolly


Special Interest : Women's Health & General Physiotherapy



Gavin Raphael


Special Interest: Sports Injuries, Neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy & Acupuncture



Elizabeth Heath


Special Interest: All aspects of Paediatric Physiotherapy & Musculoskeletal physiotherapy







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