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Springfield Hospital Costs

Guideline Costs  
Arthroscopy From  £2412
Cataract From  £1,975
Colonoscopy From  £1,300
Gastroscopy From  £750
Hernia Repair From  £1740
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair From  £2,790
Hip Replacement From  £8,995
Hysterectomy From  £4,730
Knee Replacement From  £9,920
Tonsillectomy From £1,775
Varicose Veins From £1,715
Prostectomy From £4,720
Physiotheraphy session From £25 per 15 minutes of treatment


The above prices are a rough guide only as each individual patient's surgery needs are different. Procedure prices can vary depending upon the type of pricing package being offered and the Surgeon and Anesthetist fees which vary. For more details and enquires about costs call: 01245 234110 or email:

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