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Hayley Smith

BA (Hons) Psy, Dip CBT, Dip wt, Dip Nutri, Masc E.dis


The Food Coach

Weight Management & Gastric Band Nutritionist

How my service integrates pre & post-surgery



From the moment a patient walks into the room, they have made an important step in the weight loss journey. We will be changing damaging behaviours and improving lifestyle from the very start!


I assess patients to ensure their suitability for the chosen procedure and carry out a thorough review of their health, weight loss history, psychological health, lifestyle and exercise. We also discuss their thoughts on surgery and how they will adapt.


The pre-op appointment and assessment gives both myself and the patient the building blocks to set goals and bring about behavioural change.


Patients will be given:

  • a food plan which will shrink the size of their liver to prevent NASH (non-alcoholic steathohepatitis) or inflammation of the liver prevalent in obese patients and necessary prior to weight loss surgery - this tailored food plan gives patients excellent weight loss prior to the procedure making surgery safer and boosting their confidence
  • a list of necessary behavioural change pointers which is worked on over the package period of 12 months
  • motivation - psychologically, physically and socially and clear goals to attain
  • access to a band or sleeve buddy to chat through their concerns and share stories
  • an information booklet and detailed information on how to manage their diet from day one



Following a procedure, patients will be offered:

  • guidance throughout the process via text, telephone or email
  • help and advice with the golden rules of eating, drinking and exercise on a step-by-step, month-by-month basis
  • advice regarding band adjustments and changes to dietary intake
  • ongoing motivation and new goals
  • regular meetings thoughout the package period
  • retraining on how to view food and nutrition
  • help on maintaining weight once goals have been attained
  • advice on improving current health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, IBS and arthritis

To make an appointment please call 01245 234110.

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