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The Ramsay Way

Here at Springfield Hospital, we aim to provide not only an exceptional facility for you to be treated within but also value our staff and recognise that they are our greatest asset. We therefore encourage everyone to work in “The Ramsay Way”:

The Ramsay Way is:

  • We are caring progressive enjoy our work and use a positive spirit to get things done.
  • We take pride in our work and actively seek new ways of doing things better.
  • We value integrity, credibility and respect for the individual.
  • We build constructive relationships to achieve positive outcomes for all.
  • We believe that success comes through recognising the value of people and encouraging that value through professional and personal development.

Furthermore Springfield Hospital is committed to:


  • We are honest, reliable, consistent and trustworthy and we value all people.


  • We take pride and ownership in our work, practising professionalism and service to the community.

Positive Spirit

  • We strive to promote a positive spirit through our own example.


  • We encourage creativity and diversity to deliver excellent customer service and achieve positive organisational outcomes.


  • We value teamwork to achieve our aspirations and goals through sharing ideas and responsibilities in an environment of mutual respect.