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I’ve run three marathons since my knee opTuesday 28 February 2017

After years of playing sport and being on his feet all day working as a painter decorator Simon Miller, from Colchester, Essex, started to suffer from chronic pain in his knee.  The pain was so bad that it began affecting his ability to work, not good for someone who is self-employed, as he struggled to kneel down to paint skirting boards and playing football or cricket was simply out of the question.

Simon, aged 46 at the time, spoke to his GP who sent him for an MRI scan which confirmed he had torn the cartilage in his knee.  He was then referred to Consultant Orthopeadic Surgeon, Prof Kevin Cheah, at Springfield Hospital.  Simon says “Prof Cheah was very helpful, fully explaining everything.  He recommended I have a knee arthroscopy, and after being talked through the procedure, I decided to go ahead. It seemed so much quicker and easier than traditional surgery - I was even able to go home the same day without crutches and was back working and running a month or so later.”

“The operation was a few years ago now and I have since completed at least six half marathons and three full marathons. Prof Cheah did a fantastic job. I would advise anyone who needs it to have an arthroscopy. There is nothing to worry about and my knee feels fantastic now.”

For information see the Arthroscopy page or call us on 01245 234040 to book an appointment with a knee specialist.

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