Shock Wave Therapy - What a result!

Mrs Jane Tinsley of Broomfield writes:

 "I have experienced Achilles heel pain in both ankles for the past 4 years, resulting in my having conservative physiotherapy treatment over the last 18 months to try and reduce the thickening.scarring of the Achilles heel and the discomfort experienced.  This treatment consisted of a combination of ultra sound, massage, laser treatment and acupuncture.  Whilst this treatment resulted in a considerable reduction in pain levels it did not eliminate the discomfort completely.  Equally the thickening of the Achilles, although improved, remained evident and continued to cause discomfort on compression.

Whilst a reasonable result was achieved I was still not able to resume the level of activity that I was achieving prior to the Achilles problem evidencing itself (circ 15 mile walks). I also estimated the residual pain to be at level 3 for my right ankle, level 1 for the left (based on a scale of 1-10 10 being the highest.

I was therefore recommended to be a candidate to have Shock Wave Therapy. There was noticeable improvement on pain levels after 2 sessions.  however, after completion of 6 sessions I found that the pain levels had reduced to 1 for my right ankle with no pin in my left.  In addition the thickening reduced considerable.

This improvement has now enabled me to resume my walking and i am achieving distances of approximately 10 miles without discomfort and am hoping that this will be extended over time.

I am delighted with the result and and would like to thank the physiotherapy team and Shock Wave Therapy at Springfield hospital for my new lease of life".

C.J Jarvis of Chelmsford writes

“I had been suffering with chronic tennis elbow for 2 years, mainly as a result of constant use of a mouse in my job. The pain was so bad I could not even open doors or brush my teeth. After having numerous sessions of conventional treatment where there was some improvement, I was offered a few Shockwave Therapy sessions…the relief was almost immediately noticeable. I feel as if I have got my life back now I would say I am now 90% better and am looking forward to being able to lift up my first grandchild in May!“



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