Lyric Hearing Aid Case Study

Patient: Mr Gary Mann

Age: 54

Occupation: Managing Director of Metal & Waste Recycling Ltd

Gary was diagnosed with Meniere’s Syndrome more than 30 years ago and, as a result, has lived with hearing loss ever since. Despite wearing a number of in-ear hearing aids, Gary has always been very wary of noisy restaurants and going to a party/family events as these situations present difficulty in hearing individuals speaking.

On a professional level Gary used to feel very nervous when attending large conferences and management presentations as these are often very noisy situations. The environment he works in is, by nature, very loud and so it’s often difficult to talk to staff and understand what they are saying. Three months ago Gary was introduced to Phonak’s new Lyric hearing aid by his audiologist Ben Mann of  Click Hearing who hold clinics at Springfield hospital. Since then, Gary has noticed a massive improvement in all areas of his life and after an initial ‘bedding’ in period with the device, would “recommend anybody with similar difficulties to give it a go!”

On a personal level, Gary is now able to listen to TV programmes and stand up comedians without having to constantly ask what is being said and ruin the punch lines – much to the relief of his wife!

Most recently while on holiday, he enjoyed having a conversation in a busy restaurant without any problems hearing every word. On a professional level, Gary is now able to attend large meetings and conferences and has found the confidence to get involved and take a more active role in them. He can also understand what people are talking about in the workplace so they don’t feel he is just ignoring them. The Lyric can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to four months at a time, which is fantastic news for hearing aid wearers, who are used to having to remove old devices for cleaning and maintenance.

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and ask for Audiologist Mr Ben Mann (no relation to subject).

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