Chaps PSA Testing

CHAPS Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Testing

Chaps PSA Testing 

CHAPS Men’s Health Charity in partnership with Ramsay Healthcare are offering a new service for men aged 40-plus -  it could save your life! Prostate Cancer (PCa) is our commonest male cancer causing over 47,000 new cases* and 11,000 deaths** each year. Despite this no NHS screening programme exists for its early detection and treatment. Trials in Europe now show that screening programmes based on the simple blood test PSA can halve the risk of death from PCa.

We can offer affordable PSA testing with results backed up by an expert opinion from our Ramsay Hospitals in Essex and Hertfordshire. We recommend that all men should consider screening but particularly those with a family history of prostate cancer or breast cancer on their mother’s side. Similarly, black men of African or Caribbean descent should consider screening as these two background characteristics at least double the risk of contracting PCa.

In our opinion the benefits of screening now clearly outweigh the disadvantages and as many men experience difficulty obtaining PSA tests in primary care, we are pleased to offer the test at an affordable price (£70). Don’t wait for urinary symptoms to develop, screening should start beforehand when PCa is small, confined within the prostate gland and still curable. 

"With increased awareness of the need to detect prostate cancer as early as possible, we believe the pendulum is swinging in favour of more widespread, but informed, PSA testing, particularly for men in higher risk groups. A national screening programme is now under consideration. The Federation strongly supports this."
Roger Watton (Chairman) & Professor Frank Chinegwundoh, MBE,MBBS, FRCS (Chairman, Clinical Advisory Board), National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups

"Early detection of prostate cancer and application of modern treatment is providing cure and improvement in quality of life. Moreover recent advancement in diagnostic MRI and Focal Ablation can spare many young patients major surgery. I am so excited that we have CHAPS charity in Essex and Hertfordshire providing you an opportunity to find out whether you are at risk of prostate cancer. please help yourself by coming forward to have a simple blood test to find out your PSA reading."
Jaspal Virdi, Consultant Urologist, Ramsay Rivers Hospital

"Using PSA as a simple and inexpensive test, it is possible to identify prostate cancer in individuals who are at high risk; such as African and Caribbean men, men who are overweight and men with a family history of prostate cancer. There is also emerging evidence from at least one major study in Europe that PSA can be useful in screening for prostate cancer in asymptomatic men without risk factors. I’m delighted that men in Essex and Hertfordshire will have access to a screening service."
Zafar Maan, Consultant Urologist, Ramsay Oaks Hospital

For more information on "What you need to know about your prostate" please download our Q&A guide on the Prostate.

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For more information or to book an appointment, please call 01245 200307 or contact us via our online form for further details of the CHAPS PSA testing at Springfield Hospital and how to make an appointment.

* Cancer Research UK,, Accessed [June][2017]
** Cancer Research UK,,
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CHAPS registered charity number: 1045849

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