Facial cosmetic surgery remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.  Many people choose the surgery to help recreate a natural, youthful and fresh appearance. 

What is a facelift?

A facelift is an operation to remove excess facial skin and any unwanted fatty deposits.

Is a facelift suitable for me?

You are most likely to benefit from a facelift if you have deeper folds of skin on the sides of your nose and mouth, your cheeks have begun to sag or you have a double chin.

What does the operation involve?

The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually takes two to three hours. 

Your surgeon will make an incision on both sides of your face within the hairline around your ears. They will then tighten the skin towards your ears and remove any excess.

How soon will I recover?

You should be able to go home the same day or the day after, and return to work after the second week, depending on your type of job.

The results of a facelift last for a long time. Your face will still continue to age but should always appear younger than if you had not had surgery.

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