My Knee Replacement

Roys Hip Replacement Testimonial 

Roy Swann, 73

At the age of 21 I had a serious motorcycle accident and snapped a crucial ligament in my knee. I decided not to have surgery as the pain would come and go and it didn’t cause me any serious problems. As time passed and I got older it got worse and worse, but I worked out ways to avoid the pain such as not twisting my knee and trying not to put too much stress on it.

Throughout those years my knee had been riding forward wearing down the cartilage causing even more damage. It got so bad that I couldn’t even walk without being in pain, so I spoke to my GP and told him I had private medical insurance. He then recommended Mr Flanagan at Springfield Hospital.

I had an in-depth consultation with Mr Flanagan who I found very thorough and friendly. I’m the kind of person who will ask plenty of questions but he had an answer for all of them!

I then had keyhole surgery at Springfield (Knee Arthroscopy) with Mr Flanagan. It was done to help find the cause of my knee pain and to help repair damage to the joints. This helped temporarily (a year or so) but didn’t resolve the problem. I went back to my GP and he recommended a total knee replacement. As Mr Flanagan had done such a smashing job before I asked for him again.

I then came into Springfield for my total knee replacement. I stayed for 4 days and with the help of the physiotherapy team I recovered quickly. When I tried some of the exercises the physiotherapists had given me to practice at home, I really struggled with some of them. I then found out from another physiotherapist that the problem actually lay with my hip. I decided to see if Mr Flanagan could help.

After having a chat with him and having an x-ray on my hip, he told me that because I had left my knee for such a lengthy period of time, my body had tried to over compensate and in doing so had damaged my hip.  He recommended a total hip replacement to alleviate the pain and to help the recuperation of my knee.

So 4 months after I had my knee done I was back in Springfield Hospital again to have my hip done.

Once again Mr Flanagan and the Springfield staff were great and put me at ease.

I recovered much quicker than expected and the physiotherapist who was treating me was reassuring and motivational. By the 3rd day I was sat in Springfield’s lovely garden enjoying the beautiful sun!

A week after my surgery I was walking the dog again and 1 month after surgery, I was back on the golf course! Since I have had the surgery done I feel so much more confident and I can do everything better than I could 10 years ago!

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