Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology)

Medical Imaging

Springfield Hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging to help find the underlying causes to your health issues by using state of the art, detailed medical imaging.  

Our radiology department offers:

  • Diagnostic images of the highest quality at a competitive price.
  • Choice of appointment and short waiting times
  • Highly skilled and friendly radiographers
  • Understanding and experienced Consultant Radiologists
  • Over 25 years of practicing safe radiology.
  • Accepted by all major insurance companies.

We offer the following diagnostic imaging for patients:


One of the most commonly performed types of diagnostic. This tool helps our consultants diagnose problems with bones and some soft tissues.

CT Scan

A CT Scan (computerised tomography scan) sometimes known as a CAT scan, uses X-rays to analyse the inside of your body and build up detailed images.

Like an X-ray the scan is painless and usually takes between 10-30 minutes dependant on what part of your body is being scanned.

Click here to read more about CT Scanning

MRI Scan

An MRI scan (Magnetic resonance imaging) is a scan used to diagnose conditions that affect organs, tissue and bone.

An MRI uses magnetic fields and radiowaves to build a detailed image of your body.

The length of the scan can vary from 15-90 minutes dependant on which part of the body is being scanned and how many images are needed.


An ultrasound (also known as a sonogram) uses high frequency sound waves to build an image of your internal systems. It is most commonly used in pregnancy but can also be used for diagnosing conditions effecting internal organs and areas more sensitive to radiowaves.

An ultrasound can be conducted internally,externally or endoscopically.

Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is a unique form of mammography that doesn't use traditional methods like x-ray film to examine the breast but digital receptors and advanced computer imaging.

This method uses less radiation than a normal mammography and produces clearer images than analogue equipment.

Click here to read more about digital mammography

Please be aware that children (under 18's) are not permitted to accompany their parent into the procedure area (X-Ray, Scan, MRI or CT) and they cannot be left in the waiting area unaccompanied. We advise that you arrange suitable childcare to avoid any delays when you attend the hospital

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