REZUM Therapy for prostate problems (BPH)


We are the only hospital within Essex offering the REZUM Therapy service for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). 

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with associated lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) is a common medical condition in males over 50 years of age and is not usually a serious threat to health. In the United Kingdom the number of men with symptomatic BPH who require a surgical treatment is projected at 25,000 annual incidences.

REZUM is suitable for the majority of men presenting with urinary symptoms due to an enlarged prostate. It is carried out as a day procedure and is an excellent choice for those who wish to retain their sexual function.

How is the treatment performed?

The REZUM Therapy system consists of a portable radiofrequency (RF) generator and Delivery Device to heat up a controlled amount of water in the Delivery Device outside of the body, converting the water into vapour or steam which is delivered into the prostate tissue that causes BPH. 

RF energy from the generator is applied to an inductive coil in the Delivery Device to create steam and this energy is delivered into the prostate tissue through emitter holes in the Delivery Device needle to ablate (destroy) the targeted obstructive prostate tissue that causes BPH. 

During the treatment, saline is delivered through the device to enable visualisation and to keep the urethra cool and protect it from the thermal effects of the vapour during treatments.

Benefits of the REZUM Therapy System

• Preservation of sexual function
• Significant improvement in BPH symptoms
• A rapid return to normal daily activities
• Fewer adverse events
• A good alternative to offer patients with an improved quality of life
• Can be carried out under sedation without the need of a general anaesthetic
• A day case procedure

The REZUM Therapy System offers an alternative to standard BPH management and has been supported by The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). 

Patient Testimonial

"I’ve put a few thoughts together regarding my experience of the procedure. I can’t fault the non clinical attention that we received upon arrival at the hospital. The gentleman who escorted me and my wife to the room, delivered a newspaper and made sure that she was comfortable during my brief excursion to theatre was a really nice touch. I can honestly say that for me a trip to the dentist is way more traumatic than my experience of the Rezum procedure. I had absolutely no pain whatsoever, was reassured at each stage and exceptionally well attended to by the nursing  staff both before and post operation. I was really surprised at how quickly I seem to recover from anaesthetic, feeling fully alert as I woke and within 30 minutes or so was tucking into a very nice bacon sandwich followed by a cup of coffee. Honestly, I felt ready to leave within an hour of returning to my room, no ill effects whatsoever and in the event was discharged at around mid-day, 5 hours after admission. I understand that it will be a short while before I begin to notice any improvement and that it can take up to 6 months for the full effect to be reached but it would be difficult to believe that anything had been done at all  - I can’t stress enough how unremarkable it all feels. So far at least, I’m a delighted customer. Many thanks for your help along the way."

What are the next steps?

• A GP referral is always very helpful as it will provide your consultant with useful information, but you may be able to self-refer particularly if you are choosing to pay for your own treatment.
• Phone us on 01245 234040 to book an appointment within 72 hours or at a time to suit you.
• Meet one of our urology specialists for an initial consultation to discuss your health and assess your suitability for this treatment. 


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