Screening services 

Screening saves lives by detecting changes at an early stage when there is a good chance that treatment would be successful.  Generally, the earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the greater the chance of a full recovery.

At Springfield we offer specialised screening services for certain types of cancer.  These include:

  • Bowel cancer screening – faecal blood testing or an endoscopic examination of the bowel for people aged over 50 years.
  • Breast cancer screening - digital mammography for women over 40 years to help detect small changes in breast tissue which are too small to be felt either you or by a doctor.
  • Cervical cancer screening – smear testing to check the health of the cervix.  Cervical cancer mainly affects sexually active women aged 30 to 45 but all women can be screened.
  • Prostate cancer screening - we offer PCA3 screening to assess your risk of prostate cancer. You may be suitable for screening if you are a male aged between 40 and 75 years, or have any risk factors.
  • Skin cancer screening – we offer mole checks with histology analysis, if required, to check new or changing moles for skin cancer. 

Would I benefit from screening?

Yes! Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to illness and so can benefit from the positive action resulting from screening. The number one reason for having a screen is peace of mind. Although you may not have any symptoms, you may be worried about certain health issues and the earlier cancer is diagnosed the better the chance of a full recovery and often the easier it is to treat.

Please be aware, however, that some screens are only appropriate for people of a certain age or with certain risk factors such as a family history of cancer.

And, why be screened at Springfield Hospital?

  • We offer a wide range of clinically proven tests with fast results.
  • Tests are reported on by specialist consultant radiologists.
  • Appointments are available every weekday and Saturdays.
  • We provide a personalised health report and practical action plan for you to keep.
  • As a leading private hospital we can provide onward referral and rapid-access to consultants, if necessary.

For more information or to book call 01245 234070.

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